Junior Disc Golfers Compete Against Senior Playing Ball Golf.

Alexa Craveiro, a 13 yr old girl, and Uriyah Kelly, a 10 yr old boy, are a couple of New Hampshire youths taking the game of disc golf by storm. Each have performed well in national disc golf competitions. Now their game is coming to the course at Tavern 27 as they will compete against Ray, a senior citizen who will be playing ball golf, in a nine hole match on July 19 @ 10AM

The match is a fundraiser for Got Lunch Laconia, a program that provides lunch for impoverished children while school is out.

This disc vs ball match is free to attend and everyone who attends and maintains social distancing will be entered into a drawing for a seat at a special dinner with a guest, in the tavern @ 6PM on July 19.

Everyone who attends the match and also broadcasts the match live over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TickTock or any other social media network, will receive a second entry into a drawing for a seat at the dinner with a guest.

Everyone who follows the match on the course or via facebook, youtube, Instagram, TickTock or any other social media live feed or at official viewing locations, and also plays baygo ($10 entry fee proceeds to Got Lunch Laconia) will receive an entry into the drawing for a seat at the dinner.

The two players of baygo who accumulate the most baygo bucks playing baygo will each receive a seat at the dinner, each with a guest. This is why you are going to insist your best friend from a far participates because if they win, they won’t likely be able to attend so they’ll end up giving you their seat.

The two attendees who have the largest audience participating via their social media live feed will each receive a seat at the dinner, each with a guest

The last three seats, each with a guest, and sponsors privileges will be auctioned off, just before the start of the match, to the highest bidders, proceeds to Got Lunch Laconia. Those who plan on bidding should bring their company banner with them.

There are plenty of places to display a sponsor banner around the course. Donate a silent auction item worth $100 or more and pick a place on the course for your banner. It would be a good idea to bring stakes and polls. You are responsible for removal.

We look forward to welcoming you to the game!